ONBOARD digital convenience platform.

An environment of easy access and navigation, ideal for gathering diverse content, comfort, online shopping and payments.

Marcopolo Bio Safe


Digital platform to manage maintenance, fleet and operation data.

The smart service is ideal to facilitate the fleet owners´ routine with a high number of vehicles. Through an app with easy access and navigation, it is possible to monitor the entire fleet, track individual mileage and identify which repairs each vehicle needs to continue working in excellent condition.


Marcopolo Bio Safe

FIP Onboard is innovative biosafety technology for disinfecting collective transport. Sanitization is carried out through microparticles in dry mist, with biocidal action, guaranteeing 100% contact on any surface of the environment. Thus, passengers and drivers are protected from Covid-19 and other biological agents that are harmful to health.


Disinfection Services through FIP Nanotechnology.

Part of Marcopolo Biosafe´s Ecosystem, Fip Spaces is an innovative biosafety technology to disinfect spaces related to travel, such as departure lounges, commercial spaces and hotels. Sanitization is carried out through microparticles in a dry fog, with biocidal action, ensuring 100% contact on any surface of the environments, protecting people from Covid-19 and other biological agents harmful to health.


Safe Check-in was designed to ensure safety and protection on all trips, so the system has the concept of a No-Touch interface. In the totem format, the service screens before boarding, with everything necessary to ensure safer mobility for everyone all in one place.

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Temperature Scanner

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Mask Verification

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